Basil Lumsden

//To Educate and to Elevate//

A service designed specifically for small businesses with lower budgets…

//WHERE passion MEETS design//

I am Basil Lumsden, a Business Consultant, Web & Graphic Designer based in London.

I am passionate about design and enjoy working closely with many small businesses in as the first point of contact for their brand identity design needs.

This often includes creating and developing their branding, social media marketing strategy, and websites crafted to appeal to their ideal clientele.

//What we do//

The combination of brand identity design and website design is at the core of what we offer, with most projects also including a range of supporting services.


We carve perfect designs to build creative websites that engage users on both desktop & mobile devices.


Many of our projects include an element of graphic design for print. From business cards to retail signage.


To stand out among the crowd, a company needs to be unique and recognisable by customers.


Our dynamic digital experts execute effective internet marketing solutions based on your business targets.


We provide consultancy that will examine your company and then recommend valuable improvements.

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We work differently to other agencies and think there is more to saying hello than just grabbing a coffee.

We like to get to know you and your business, tell you more about how we work and share our thoughts about where we can take you.

Let us get started on something good.

Sell Your Brand Visually

Using photography to create your visual identity

A strong visual identity is an essential aspect of branding, yet when you think of a ‘brand’, most people automatically think of logos, colour palettes and catchy straplines, rather than photography.